Cooling is one of the most important steps in bringing fresh specialty fruits from the grower to the marketplace. Low temperatures provide many advantages to extend vase life by;
• reducing respiration and internal breakdown by enzymes
• reducing water loss and wilting
• slowing the growth of disease organisms
• reducing the production of ethylene
• providing "time" for proper handling, packaging and marketing.


Once harvested, fruits quality cannot be improved, only maintained—deterioration cannot be reversed, only slowed. The cold storage facility should be dedicated to fresh fruits and vegetables holding and not be used for mixed storage of produce and fruits and vegetables. Problems will arise with the ethylene production by fruit and vegetables that are fruits.
Storage Options
As growers expand their production and markets from picking fruits and vegetables the morning they deliver them to market, to harvesting several times a week for large wholesale markets, they need to acquire cold storage facilities to ensure a high-quality product for their consumers.
Built-in-place cold storage can be constructed out of wood pole and post, steel and/or concrete block. The construction cost depends on labor cost and on the type of materials used for the frame, walls, floor, ceiling and insulation. The design shall consider where handling equipment is located and where handling procedures will be done so product flows smoothly in and
out of cold storage. Space for future expansion is another consideration.

Storage Loading:-

Due to the high perish ability of fruits and vegetables, long-term storage is considered for only a few species. Nonetheless, many factors determine how the cold storage should be loaded:-
• How long will it be stored?
• The maturity at harvest
• How it is packed
• Whether it was pre-cooled
• The size and shape of the cold storage
• Mechanical or manual loading

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These are generally designed for storing a variety of products at 0 to 8 deg C. Commodities include various types of fresh fruits and vegetables, dry fruits, spices, pulses, milk products etc.

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